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How does calibre manage collections on my SONY reader? When calibre connects with the reader, it retrieves all collections for the books on the reader. The idea is that there should be a limited number of font sizes in a document. Use the following HTML markup to achieve this Chapter 1 chapter 1 text. If you want to remove the spacing between all paragraphs, except a select few, dont use these options. Chad August 6, 2011 If images from a PDF are not as easy to convert to an ePub, then how are you supposed to get images onto an ePub format? sandy December 15, 2011 Convert pdf to epub can use PDF to Epub converter, & of course if you worry about PDF DRM,PDF DRM removal can help you,enjoy!! dongdong1980 February 21, 2012 pdf is a complex layout format, epub is the reflow format like html, so the conversion does not necessarily 100% accurate. You can also use the current section in templates, as shown below: SECTION SECTION is replaced by whatever the name of the current section is. Point it to the previously copied folder. <br> <br> Consider using the calibre Content Server to make your books available on other computers. Can I have a column showing the formats or the ISBN? Yes, you can. Using the viewer or doing any conversions results in a permission denied error on Windows Something on your computer is preventing calibre from accessing its own temporary files. Start calibre From now on you should be able to start calibre normally. Do this after you have set the authorsortcopymethod tweak to what you want. If you still cannot get the installer to work and you are on Windows, you can use the calibre portable install, which does not need an installer (it is just a zip file). The ebook file will be stored in the folder My Digital Editions, from where you can add it to calibre. If you are connecting an Apple iDevice (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone), use the Connect to iTunes method in the Getting started instructions in Calibre + Apple iDevices: Start here. Simply download the .ttf/.otf files and add them to the Library/Fonts directory in your home directory. But this works only with the named picture! To disable cover detection you can set the custom property opf.nocover (Yes or No type) to Yes in advanced mode. <br> <br> Restart calibre. You can have multiple such libraries. You should also read How do I convert my file containing non-English characters, or smart quotes? for more on encoding issues. Ads by Google Theres an Add Books button on the top left (or top right of the window). Note The default expressions may change depending on the input format you are converting. <br> <br> If this is your case, then do the following: Set the authorsortcopymethod tweak to copy as described above. Metadata about the books is stored in the file metadata.db at the top level of the library folder. Most network filesystems lack various filesystem features that calibre uses. This will launch the ToC Editor tool after the conversion. Paragraph Style: Block Assumes one or more blank lines are a paragraph boundary: This is the first. You can see this process in action by using the debug option . You can learn how to customize the detection of chapters in the Structure Detection section above. So if your output profile is set to Kindle, calibre will create a PDF with page size suitable for viewing on the small kindle screen. <br> <br> The font rescaling algorithm works using a font size key, which is simply a comma-separated list of font sizes. After you have changed all the authors, press the Recalculate all author sort values button. By default, collections are created from tags and series. Comic Book Collections A comic book collection is a .cbc file. How do I use calibre with my Android phone/tablet or Kindle Fire HD? There are two ways that you can connect your Android device to calibre. Also read the XPath Tutorial, to learn how to construct XPath expressions. 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